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Improve Your CQC Ratings

If you have experienced a CQC inspection then you know application forms are thoroughly checked by the inspector. If you have missing information from your applicants like reference info, DBS and so on then it’s likely you will end up in deep water. Dynamic forms allow you as the employer to get the information you need before an applicant can apply. 

Pandemic Prove

The Coronavirus has shaken up the world and changed the operations methods of most businesses. Keeping your applicants and your workers safe is a priority. With dynamic forms, physical contact is eliminated. You get the job done and keep you and your applicants safe. 

Improve Organization

Have you ever misplaced a staff file and it comes a time you need it immediately and can’t find it? With dynamic forms, your forms are stored on your email and on your computer. Simply retrieve your files without the stress and messing up your office in the process.

Reduce Your
Printing Costs

By using dynamic forms and receiving your applications by email you can save the files electronically. Let’s face it, not all applicants will succeed, so why waste resources printing every application form. Simply save your application electronically and only print your successful candidates. Saving you time and money. 

Easy file Sharing

Do you need to share any applications with colleagues? Reduce the time wasted and stress of searching for the file. Improve efficiency in your office with easy file sharing. You don’t need to spend time scanning and uploading files. Simply download your pdf and share it. 

Save Time

As you know time is the most important resource on the planet. Unfortunately, a lot of time goes to waste due to recruitment in the care business. Turn over is so high you have to keep recruiting. However, it doesn’t mean there is nothing you cannot do about it. Implement dynamic forms and automating the application process is the answer. This will save you more time that can be allocated in other areas of your business. 

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance is a term CQC like hear. Making sure your data is secure especially in the care business is essential. Our dynamic forms are GDPR compliant and HIPPA compliant.


In the care business, commissioners or local authorities will require you to give them information on recruitment stats.  Most of the time the figures submitted are inaccurate because you just don’t have the time to count them manually or keep track. With dynamic forms, all that data collection is covered for you. Easily receive stats on your recruitment campaigns that you can easily measure. These analytics will also help you evaluate the success or failure of your recruitment strategies and help you make adjustments.

Audit Automation

How many times have you received applications that don’t meet the requirement? By implementing dynamic forms, they will automatically audit and shortlist your applicants for you. This is achieved by setting the forms in a manner that requires specific information before submission. This gives you better candidates suited for your organisation and saves you time. 


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