Divine Health Services Ltd

Detail Project

About The Project

Divine Health Services required branding services, we designed a professional brochure to market their services to clients. We also designed professional business cards that they can use to bridge new connections with confidence. Divine Healthcare also required more creative work to help them attract staff, so we created a unique recruitment video designed to grab attention and encourage staff to apply. We also made sure the video was optimised for all social media channels which they can use on their various business profiles. As well as the video we also designed the A4 folder holder which they can insert their various flyers and brochures at recruitment events. Among the designs is also a unique letterhead that you can be proud off when communicating with clients, staff and other professionals, it maintains a professional image for the business. 

Recruitment Video

Z-Fold Brochure Design

A4 Folder Design

Letterhead Design

Business Card Design